Christophe Gillet

Concert Recording:  World Premiere Horn Concerto, 19 May 2007

Christophe GilletChristophe Gillet , Horn, started learning classical music at the age of 4 as a violin player before switching to the Horn at age 11. He performs in various professional and amateur venues including the Silicon Valley Symphony which he joined after moving to the Bay area one and a half years ago.

Christophe played regular sold-out performances in Carnegie Hall as the principal horn for The New York Youth Symphony and was featured on the New York Times Radio Station's (WQXR) Young Artist Showcase. He performed under the direction of Lukas Foss in the National Guild Youth Symphony at The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and was also principal horn of the Columbia University Symphony Orchestra.  While at Columbia, Christophe was a founding member of Columbia's Bach Society with which he performed an Honorary 75th birthday concert for the former New York Philharmonic Director Kurt Mazur. Christophe was also a featured performer for various orchestras, including two concerti with the Musica Bella Orchestra in New York City.

During his Horn career Mr. Gillet was a finalist in various concerto competitions including the Enrico Fermi and Sara Lawrence Concerto Competitions, and was awarded various scholarships to further his studies of the Horn.  These include the Westchester Music Teachers scholarship,  the Dolon Prize for Excellence in Music and The Rappaport Music Fellowship.

Christophe studied Horn with Karen Froelich as an Honors Student at the Hoff Barthelson Music Conservatory, Charles Waddell (Ohio State) at the Chautauqua Music Institution, Scott Temple (NYC Opera), Eli Epstein (Cleveland Symphony) at the Brevard Music Festival and Bill Purvis (Juilliard).

Christophe continues to support his passion for classical music through his role as a Senior Product Manager for eBay, Inc.


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